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Combine the resolution of Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ)
and the finishing of CNC. This integrated solution meets all your
end-to-end manufacturing needs in a single, efficient machine,
offering unparalleled results.


Combine the resolution of Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) with the
throughput of High-Power Laser-assisted Directed Energy
Deposition (LDED) and the finishing of CNC to meet your end-to-end
needs in a single machine.


Ideal for industries requiring intricate details, rapid production, and exceptional surface finishes,

the Hybrid Series sets a new standard in advanced manufacturing technology.

Liquid Metal Jetting and Laser Directed Energy Deposition Deployment Mechanism for CNC Machines
Heated print bed for Liquid Metal Jetting
2 axis positioner for Hybrid Series
Fully Integrated Liquid Metal Jetting and High-Power Laser Directed Energy Deposition

Sleek Implementation Providing Rapid Print Head Deployment

High-Temperature Print Bed Assembly

Incorporates ADDiTEC’s Patented Quick Release Technology for LMJ Parts Providing Automatic Part Removal

Integrated 2-Axis Positioner

5-Axis Capability Rated for Parts up to 100kg

Liquid Metal Jetting, Laser Directed Energy Deposition and CNC capabilities


Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) and High-Power Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) are two additive processes desired within a hybrid manufacturing system as both processes use low-cost COTS welding wire to print near-net shape parts with 100% material utilization. With LMJ we unlock high-resolution capability while with LDED we unlock high deposition rate capability. In addition, multi-material capability is enabled by having two additive processing heads within a single system. The subtractive process within a hybrid manufacturing system provides post-machining capabilities to achieve the desired surface finish and tolerances for parts printed using the two additive processes

Precision 5-Axis Hybrid Manufacturing,

Leveraging Two Powerful Metal AM Technologies

Industrial High-Power Fiber LDED

Provides exceptional beam quality and power range up to 6kW.

Class-Leading Processing Heads for LDED & LMJ

State-of-the-art processing heads, with over a decade of development experience.

Precision Wire Feed System

State-of-the-art precision wire feed system, with builtin wire straightening and feed pressure monitoring system. Qualified for soft materials like Al.

Closed-Loop Process Control

Smart manufacturing is empowered by Factory-Smart Sensors. Guaranteeing meticulous precision across the manufacturing process.

Deployment Mechanism

Integrated mechanism to deploy and retract the processing head automatically through the process tool path code.

Why Choose Our Hybrid Series?

Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing capabilities with the Hybrid, the cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your production process. Here’s why the Hybrid is the game-changer your business needs:

1. Precision Redefined
  • Unmatched Detail: With LMJ’s high-resolution capabilities, create intricate and finely detailed components that meet the most demanding specifications.
  • Cost Savings: Utilize Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) welding wire, ensuring complete material utilization and reducing production costs.
2. Swift and Efficient Production
  • Accelerated Output: LDED’s high deposition rate drastically reduces lead times, making it perfect for producing larger components swiftly.
  • Economical Efficiency: Maximize cost efficiency with LDED’s use of COTS welding wire and complete material utilization, just like LMJ.
3. Multi-Material Versatility
  • Limitless Possibilities: The Hybrid3 integrates both LMJ and LDED heads in one system, allowing you to create complex components with varying materials and properties.
  • Expanded Flexibility: Achieve greater design and application flexibility, opening new horizons for innovative manufacturing solutions.
4. Uncompromised Quality
  • Perfect Finish: The CNC-driven subtractive process ensures exceptional surface finish and tight tolerances, delivering parts that meet and exceed the highest quality standards.
  • Reliability Assured: Rest easy knowing that every product manufactured with the Hybrid3 upholds the most stringent quality benchmarks.
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Transform your production line with the Hybrid Series and stay ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to learn how the Hybrid3 can elevate your manufacturing capabilities to new heights. 

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