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ADDiTEC is incredibly fortunate to collaborate with a remarkable network of partners in Additive Manufacturing. Our journey is enriched by the expertise and dedication of these collaborators. Innovative contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Additive Manufacturing industry. We appreciate the synergies in our partnerships, creating a dynamic environment for flourishing ideas and pushing technological boundaries. Together, we strive to redefine possibilities in Additive Manufacturing, and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey with our esteemed partners.

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“The equipment provided by ADDiTEC will be used for the following research objectives: 1) Validation of melt pool and microstructure modeling. We are specifically interested in iron- and nickel based alloys. We will integrate the modeling framework with machine learning to develop robust predictive models. 2) Development of novel alloy systems such as oxide dispersed iron alloys as well as functionally graded structures. 3) Understanding high -temperature tensile, fatigue, and creep properties of iron- and nickel-based alloys.” – Professor Amrita Basak

Penn State University

“Functional grading with multiple materials allows us to develop gear components for robotics that cannot be fabricated with conventional metallurgy. The ability to tailor the properties of a gear via alloy composition gives us an entirely new design freedom when developing precision mechanisms. Whether it’s improving the wear resistance of gear teeth while maintaining toughness in the rest of the part or using high-value steel in combination with low-cost steel to save cost, multi-material additive manufacturing is allowing us to innovate in the way that we approach gears for robotics.” – Dr. Glenn Garrett, Amorphology CTO

Amorphology Inc.

“We are very excited about this collaboration. Together with our multi-scale modeling capabilities, the equipment provided by ADDiTEC will enable us to explore new horizons in additive manufacturing and microstructural engineering of advanced metallic alloys. It will also provide an advanced manufacturing solution to our MakerSpace and will enable education of underrepresented groups of students on this growing technology.” – Dr. Mohsen Eshraghi

California State University

“We are very excited for this collaboration between MSU Mankato and ADDiTEC. “This partnership will allow us to test and expand the boundaries of additive manufacturing in developing new and unique materials which can improve human life.” – Dr. Kuldeep Agarwal

Minnesota State University

“Among many possible metal additive technologies, ADDiTEC’s equipment stood out to us because it can use welding wire for feedstock instead of powdered metal. The part can also be used directly from the machine instead of requiring a post-process like sintering. These qualities make the system ideal for students and the current workforce that have familiarity with welding technologies and materials while exceeding quality expectations because ADDiTEC’s equipment uses precise lasers instead of an electric arc.” – Dr. Adam Schroeder

University of Toledo