ADDiTEC is Embracing the “How” of Metal 3D Printing

The metal 3D printing world is buzzing with innovation, characterized not only by advancements in the technology itself but also by a significant shift in how companies perceive and utilize this powerful tool. We’re seeing a move from questioning the “why” of metal 3D printing to a focused discussion on the “how” — how to integrate this technology seamlessly into existing workflows and unlock its full potential.

3D Printing Benefits Infographic

From Skepticism to Seeing the Benefits

The early days of 3D printing in manufacturing were marked by a certain amount of skepticism, with many companies unconvinced of the technology’s value. Today, the benefits of 3D printing are undeniable and well-documented. 3D printing offers a range of advantages that traditional manufacturing struggles to match:

– Faster Production Cycles: 3D printing streamlines the creation of prototypes and complex components, significantly reducing lead times.

– Cost-Effective Prototyping: Allows for iterative design and testing without the high costs associated with traditional methods.

– Reduced Supply Chain Reliance: Localized production enables printing parts on-demand, minimizing dependence on external suppliers.

– Mass Customization: Enables the creation of personalized products to meet individual customer preferences.

These advantages have swayed industry consensus, leading to a new consensus – 3D printing is a valuable partner, not a competitor, to traditional manufacturing techniques. Companies are now eager to integrate 3D printing, but face a new set of challenges: integration and scaling.

The New Frontier: Seamless Integration and Scaling in Metal 3D Printing

While the benefits of 3D printing are widely recognized, integrating this technology into existing production processes and scaling up operations remain formidable challenges. Many organizations stepping into the realm of 3D printing often find themselves ill-equipped with the necessary internal expertise to leverage this technology effectively, which can lead to underutilized equipment.

Some of the challenges businesses encounter today in scaling 3D printing production include:

1. Quality and Consistency: Ensuring uniformity across diverse production settings, machines, and materials is crucial.

2. Cost and Efficiency: Balancing the economic aspects of 3D printing operations to achieve cost-effectiveness while maintaining high efficiency.

3. Design and Innovation: Continuously advancing the capabilities of 3D printing to meet complex design requirements and foster innovation.

4. Collaboration and Communication: Enhancing the synergy between different teams and departments to streamline the 3D printing process.

5. Regulation and Compliance: Navigating the evolving landscape of industry-specific regulations and standards essential for market entry.

6. Education and Training: Developing skilled professionals through targeted education and training programs to operate advanced 3D printing technologies effectively.

batch of shiny metal cnc aerospace parts production close up with selective focus for industrial background
AMDroid set up for metal 3d printing mass production of parts

ADDiTEC’s Role in Enabling Success

The success of companies adopting 3D printing extends beyond their individual efforts; the manufacturer plays a crucial role in providing the necessary support. Key areas where ADDiTEC contributes include training and workforce development, equipping companies with skilled personnel adept at operating and managing metal 3D printers. Educational programs and training initiatives are vital to bridge the knowledge gap. Additionally, providing user-friendly solutions through simplified hardware and software, along with intuitive design tools and interfaces, enables companies to leverage 3D printing without needing extensive technical expertise.

Recognizing the critical nature of these elements, ADDiTEC has strategically positioned itself to bridge the divide. We offer two products: AMDROiD and the HYBRiD3 that are designed for effortless integration within today’s operational frameworks. Our commitment extends beyond technology provision; we deliver comprehensive external expertise and internal training tailored to empower our clients, ensuring seamless integration of our 3D printing technologies Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) and Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) with established production lines to facilitate scalability and enhance overall efficiency.


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Manufacturing Demands

Laser Directed Energy Deposition Technology (LDED)
Liquid Metal Jetting Technology (LMJ)

Recognizing that no single metal 3D printing technology can fulfill all application demands, ADDiTEC has crafted a versatile portfolio designed to address the varied needs of the metal manufacturing industry.

Our cutting-edge high-power Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) technology utilizes a powerful directed energy source to melt feedstock material, revolutionizing metal additive manufacturing with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Boasting a rapid production rate of up to 4 kg/h, expansive build volume, and an exceptional 99.99% part density, LDED provides cost-effective, high-quality components that are second to none.

In addition, our Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) technology offers a novel approach to additive manufacturing by deploying molten metal droplets to construct three-dimensional objects layer by layer. This ‘drop-on-demand’ technology leverages the distinct properties of liquid metal to fabricate high-resolution and intricate metal parts.

These technologies are commercialized through our AMDROiD, the first forward deployable robotic cell rated for reactive materials and the HYBRiD3 a multi-technology manufacturing platform with additive and subtractive capabilities. This products enable the creation of large-scale metal parts with near-net shapes and 1.5 mm resolution, as well as smaller components with a precision of 0.5 mm. Our solutions, which utilize sustainable, wire-based systems, outperform traditional manufacturing processes in terms of cost-effectiveness and lead times. They also facilitate the production of complex details and fine features. Moreover, our technologies mitigate the risks and strict safety requirements associated with conventional additive manufacturing methods like powder bed fusion, which often involve more costly raw material feedstock.

ADDiTEC's Strategic Global Partnership

Strategic Global Partnerships

ADDiTEC continues to grow its global network of strategic partners, offering customers dedicated regional solutions providers for pre and post-sale activities. Our adaptable, deployable, scalable, and seamless hybrid systems enable integration into various applications, elevating metal component production to new heights. With a proven track record of successful commercialization and global recognition, ADDiTEC provides comprehensive R&D services, training, aftermarket support, and application development to empower advanced manufacturing endeavors across multiple industries.

Pioneering Collaboration to Unlock the Full Potential of 3D Printing

At ADDiTEC, we understand that effective collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of metal 3D printing. By fostering strong partnerships across the entire 3D printing ecosystem, including technology providers, manufacturers, national labs and educational institutions, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and empower companies to harness the transformative power of this technology. Our focus is not merely on advocating the benefits of adopting 3D printing but on providing the crucial support and solutions needed for successful integration and sustainable growth to achieve manufacturing production goals.

As a leader in the industry, ADDiTEC is dedicated to shifting the focus from “why” adopt Metal 3D Printing to “how” to effectively implement it. We believe that our ability to bring together diverse expertise and resources is essential for helping companies not only adopt but also excel in their 3D printing endeavors. Through our comprehensive approach, we ensure that companies flourish rather than stagnate, paving the way for a future where Metal 3D printing technologies are integral to manufacturing success.

ADDiTEC understands the importance of collaboration in the metal 3d printing industry thats why we work closely with other industry leaders to provide advanced products like the AMDROiD and the HYBRiD

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