ADDiTEC Launches Exciting New Division: ADDiTEC Racing

[Palm City, FL, 16th February, 2024] – ADDiTEC is thrilled to announce the debut of its latest venture, ADDiTEC Racing. This bold initiative marks the company’s foray into the dynamic world of motorsports, with active participation in the Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy and other related series events across the USA.

The launch of ADDiTEC Racing signifies a strategic move for the company, leveraging its expertise in high-performance additive manufacturing technologies. With the recent acquisition of race assets, including vehicles, support trailers, AM systems, and the recruitment of top-tier professional drivers, ADDiTEC is poised to make a powerful statement in its inaugural race this Saturday at the HOMESTEAD-MIAMI SPEEDWAY in Florida.


Central to ADDiTEC Racing’s mission is the integration of cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques into the racing domain. Utilizing high-performance liquid metal jetting (LMJ) and laser directed-energy-deposition (LDED) printed parts on its cars, ADDiTEC Racing aims to showcase the capabilities and advantages of its novel technology on the track. Moreover, each race event will feature live demonstrations of automotive part printing, providing a firsthand glimpse into the future of automotive manufacturing.

“We believe that ADDiTEC Racing will not only showcase our technological prowess but also serve as a catalyst for accelerating our presence in the automotive sector,” said Brian Matthews, CEO at ADDiTEC. “By competing at the highest level of motorsports and demonstrating the capabilities of our additive manufacturing solutions, we aim to raise awareness and drive adoption of our technology within the industry.”

As ADDiTEC Racing gears up for its debut race, anticipation is high for an exhilarating season ahead, marked by innovation, competition, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For more information about ADDiTEC please visit

For more information about ADDiTEC Racing please visit

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ADDiTEC is a leading provider of high-performance additive manufacturing solutions, specializing in LMJ and LDED printing technologies. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, ADDiTEC delivers cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries.

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This press release announces the launch of ADDiTEC’s new division, ADDiTEC Racing, highlighting its participation in motorsports events and its focus on promoting high-performance additive manufacturing technologies within the automotive sector. The release outlines the company’s strategic objectives, including leveraging race participation to showcase its additive manufacturing capabilities and drive industry adoption.