Frankfurt, Germany, Nov 7 – ADDiTEC, a trailblazing force in advanced metal manufacturing, proudly announces the official launch of AMDroid, a game-changing laser-wire-based DED additive manufacturing robotic solution. AMDroid is a turn-key deployable system uniquely designed for a wide range of materials, including titanium.  The system is optimized to achieve a high deposition rate, setting a new standard for mass production and manufacturing excellence.

The AMDroid makes forward-deployable on-demand manufacturing a reality, providing multi-axis and large-scale reactive and non-reactive part printing capability using a robotic architecture within a welded enclosure. AMDroid’s architecture enables hassle-free installation and the commencement of printing within a single day, transforming the way we approach rapid prototyping and component production. ADDiTEC’s state-of-the-art software makes 3D printing more accessible and efficient for both experienced users and newcomers to the field.

ADDiTEC has collaborated with major industrial robot brands to provide flexibility in robot selection, enabling industry leaders to maximize their production capabilities in additive manufacturing using their preferred robotic solution.

The eagerly awaited AMDroid will be available to begin shipping in Q1/2024, offering a futuristic approach to additive manufacturing.

ADDiTEC’s AMDroid is a testament to our relentless commitment to innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry. With AMDroid, we aim to empower businesses and professionals to embrace the future of 3D printing, where precision, speed, and versatility merge into a single, portable solution.

About ADDiTEC:

ADDiTEC is a leading innovator in advanced metal manufacturing, serving as a trusted partner to global industry leaders in the aerospace, automotive, research, and energy sectors. Since pioneering multi-laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) technology in 2016, ADDiTEC has continued to innovate. The company recently launched its high-power 6kW laser DED systems to enhance material capabilities, deposition rates, and overall performance for industrial-scale applications. ADDiTEC also expanded its technology portfolio with the acquisition of state-of-the-art Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) technology with over 300 patents, offering high-resolution, cost-efficient metal printing with superior quality and environmental advantages.

Our adaptable, scalable, and seamless hybrid systems enable integration into various applications, elevating metal component production to new heights. With a proven successful commercialization and global recognition track record, ADDiTEC provides comprehensive R&D services, training, aftermarket support, and application development to empower advanced manufacturing endeavors across multiple industries.

In-depth material characterization and testing capability in ADDiTEC’s Durham, NC facility offers quick-turn post-print analysis and inspection. ADDiTEC is growing its global network of strategic partners, offering customers a simple regional solutions provider for pre and post-sale activities. Collaborate with ADDiTEC, your partner in advancing the future of metal manufacturing.


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