Advanced Features of the AMDroid Redefining 3D Printing:

Equipped with a powerful 6kW fiber laser configured deposition head and closed-loop process controls. Its Laser Directed Energy Deposition Technology enables high deposition rates of up to 4 kg/hr for reactive metals. Printing parts up to 1.8 meters and intricate geometries, AMDroid’s multi-axis robotic design showcases cutting-edge sophistication.

Strategic Partnerships and Material Versatility:

ADDiTEC has strategically partnered with major industrial robot brands, ensuring seamless integration for large-scale robotic 3D printing. The AMDroid operates across a wide range of materials, including aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, and titanium.

ADDiTEC Expands Production, Unveiling Two New AMDroid Cells!

In a groundbreaking move, ADDiTEC announces the addition of two more AMDroid cells to its production floor. Marking a significant stride in the evolution of additive manufacturing. The AMDroid, a forward-deployable robot cell, is set to reshape the additive manufacturing industries with its cutting-edge technology.

Forward-Deployable and Rated for Reactive Metals:

The AMDroid stands as a pioneer, being the first robot cell specifically designed for reactive materials. Its production-ready capabilities redefine on-demand manufacturing, allowing parts to be printed from anywhere in under 24 hours after delivery. This effectively eliminates the long lead times associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

Join the Innovation Journey:

As ADDiTEC expands its production capabilities, join us in witnessing the evolution of manufacturing with the AMDroid! This groundbreaking technology is set to redefine the landscape of metal additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing.

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