In the heart of our grand opening at ADDiTEC’s Durham, NC Facilities on Aug 15, 2023, lies a profound significance, intertwined with our recent acquisition of Elem Additive Solutions. This strategic step acts as a cornerstone, ushering in an exciting chapter that goes beyond mere inauguration; it reflects our unyielding commitment to growth, innovation, and pushing the boundaries.

While the doors of our state-of-the-art facility swing open, it’s not just a physical threshold we’re crossing. It signifies the dawn of a phase characterized by unwavering dedication. At the center of this transition stands Liquid Metal Printing (LMP), an innovation poised to reshape our journey. With Elem Additive Solutions now under our banner, LMP’s potential is within our grasp – a testament to the fusion of science and ingenuity, promising unmatched capabilities within additive manufacturing.

LMP’s transformative impact extends to redefine ADDiTEC’s trajectory. It encompasses a broader horizon, expanding material capabilities, accelerating deposition rates, and unlocking a spectrum of performance advantages. This isn’t merely about technological strides; it’s about integrating these leaps into our manufacturing framework, shaping industries with unprecedented excellence.

From our inception in 2016, ADDiTEC pioneered metal additive manufacturing solutions. The journey began with multi-laser Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology. Today, our solutions echo globally in education, research, and commercial sectors.

Yet, the acquisition of Elem Additive Solutions and the advent of LMP represent more than a natural progression. It’s a leap into uncharted realms of innovation. LMP transcends tool status; it’s an embodiment of transformation. Integrating LMP isn’t about adapting; it’s about redefining the very fabric of additive manufacturing.

The grand opening is a celebration, but it’s also a tribute. It honors our people, partners, and collective ambition propelling us forward. This convergence resonates in the presence of visionaries like CEO Brian Matthews, dynamic COO Miguel Ramon, and distinguished Marcus Acheson from the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce.

Today’s inauguration isn’t a culmination; it’s an intersection. It’s the point where expertise converges, aspirations align, and growth thrives. As we toast to the future, the canvas unfurls with uncharted potential. We remain resolute in growth, innovation, and a shared vision. Our journey’s brilliance emanates from collective effort, partnership, and a commitment to charting additive manufacturing’s unexplored territories.

With every stride, the grand opening’s significance deepens. It isn’t the destination; it’s a catalyst. It’s an affirmation that ADDiTEC’s journey has just begun, propelled by progress, innovation, and insatiable pursuit of excellence. #ADDiTECGrandOpening #InnovationInAction #NewHorizons #LMPAdvantage