Meet Ethan Prigge he is one of out interns for the summer. Ethan is an Aerospace Engineering major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is interested in learning more about aerospace applications for robotics and additive manufacturing (Metal 3D Printing). At ADDiTEC he is working on robotics and software for the AMRC-P Cell. He is very passionate and enthusiastic about the company and his role here. His positive attitude is infectious, and it’s obvious how much he enjoys his work. He is eager to learn and picks up on things quickly.

As an industry leader and innovator, ADDiTEC understands the importance of such programs and offers a wide range of internships to students, giving them a genuine opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain meaningful work experience. 

At ADDiTEC, our internships are structured for maximum efficiency and development. We recognize that each intern brings different skills and interests, and strive to provide motivating and impactful projects that will challenge and draw out the best from them. 

ADDiTEC also appreciates that interns need additional support and guidance from their supervisors. Our friendly and experienced team of professionals are committed to providing comprehensive feedback and guidance, as well as facilitating mentor-mentee relationships that bring further knowledge and insight to our interns. 

We understand that an effective internship program can boost morale and efficiency within the company, and strive to set a positive example in this regard. Our interns understand that we are committed to delivering the best possible experience, and their enthusiasm and passion for the roles have a positive effect on the team’s morale and growth. 

At ADDiTEC, internships are more than just a way to gain experience – they are a way to learn valuable skills that will open doors in any industry. With the right intern in place, a company can move forward powerfully into the future.

You can apply for an internship in our careers page.